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Beijing Tian Lang Xin industry and trade co., LTD is a technological company registration in accordance with the law and existence. My company was established 10 years, has been engaged in the production of digital meter, there is a production, research and development and enterprise operation and management of high-quality team.

My company has more than ten years history of TLX - CD series digitizer, high precision, reliable quality, stable performance, has stood the test of long-term, won the trust of users, and by the enterprise and the military use in many countries. TLX - CD series digitizer have a variety of models, the effective area range from 12 x12 inches / 305 to 44 x60 inches / 1118 x1524 x305 mm mm, and can be customized OEM all kinds digitizer and back perspective digitizer.

The company since its establishment, with first-class products and after-sales service in the fierce competition



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